Saturday, March 19, 2016

Keeping Chelmsford in Suspense- a One Book Panel

Had a great time at the author panel at the Chelmsford Library- as the title says, "Keeping Chelmsford in Suspense- a One Book Panel".
Thanks to the library staff, notably Christine Sharbrough, who brought us another fine program.

Speaking were authors Arlene Kay, Gary Braver, and Sarah Smith. Some of my fellow Sisters In Crime.

Gary Braver will be on another panel with me, on Wednesday, March 23, at the Fox Library in Arlington, MA, at  7 P.M.

And he'll be appearing here in an upcoming interview, so stay tuned!

Arlene has already done an interview on this blog (it's the happening place, doncha know!)

Here they are with Christine Sharbrough from the library, who set things up and made it all happen.

All writers of mystery & suspense, they spoke for over an hour, and then took questions from the audience. Good crowd, who were all interested in the work and the process of writing.

And then they all met at the back of the room to buy books and get them signed. 

Here's Arlene with a new fan.

 Gary meets the audience


And signs a copy

Sarah puts her name to a new book


  1. Top of the Evenin to Ye! Looks like it was a very successful night. Glad to see Arlene signing one of her wonderful books. Everyone making new friends and fans. Good job!

  2. Looks like a fun event. I don't envy your going out so many nights to promote your work...even though it's well worth promoting. I hope we do see you next time.

  3. It was a good night, glad to see Chelmsford doing such good work to promote writers and readers getting together.