Sunday, July 24, 2016

Seacoast Comic Con

Had a great day selling and signing books at a table of The New England Horror Writers at the Seacoast Comic Con in Kittery, Maine.

A great day of meeting new people, like Lee from the Rice Library in Kittery, who was at her table as well as covering the one for the Portsmouth Library
And we met Suzanne and Ionna from the Portsmouth Herald, who were taking pictures as they took it all in.
Many thanks to the hard-working staff for all they did.

At most comic conventions, people do cosplay, which is dressing up like some character from popular culture. Here's a pair you might recognize.

 Sometimes it's a whole family! Like the Powers Family CozPlay

Here's our contingent of writers. 

I moderated our panel on Publishing 101, giving the audience an overview of the options available to writers wanting publication. Every one of those attending had a desire for publication, so hope we gave them a good starting point.

 Our first buyer of the day was Kali, who supported every one of us with a book purchase

 Then she reappeared in another incarnation, as one of the Baystate Ghostbusters

Benjamin Santos was there, representing the Cosplay Convention Center

Illustrators were part of the merchants who came, like Jay Kennedy

In a show of support for our efforts, we had Duane Coffill, who heads the Horror Writers of Maine, who came with his whole family

 And a surprise visit from a Timelord, cleverly disguising himself as The Nerd Magician

If Winter is coming, can the Winter Soldier be far behind?

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