Saturday, September 10, 2016

New Cover Look of A Sharp Medicine

A number of readers have been asking when the next Zack Taylor book will be out.
Number 5 in the series.
I keep saying I finish writing and publishing the books quicker than George R.R. Martin...  :-)

A Sharp Medicine will be out this Fall- no exact date, because it's still in production.
But it'll be good, and good takes time.

The title and theme are taken from the amazing Sir Walter Ralegh (yes, that's the proper spelling- no i in the name). His life ran from (1552-1618).
He was an English courtier in the Court of Elizabeth I, and one of her favorites. He tried to colonize Virginia, and introduced potatoes and tobacco to England. Both crops had an immense historical impact.

This quote is supposed to be what he said as his last words before his beheading.
Tis a sharp medicine, but it will cure all that ails you. 

Ouch. To be able to remark like that, with insight and wit, at your execution.

Here's a peek at the cover. Pow.

So here's an offer- when it's ready, I'll send you an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) if you'll consider posting a review. A free read, before it hits the worldwide market.

And if you like that, and would like more Zack Taylor, here's a link.
And the first in the series, A Memory of Grief, is only 99 cents for the ebook!

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