Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ray Daniel Hacks Another Book Launch

Let me explain the title of this post.
Ray Daniel is a local author who writes mysteries so well that he has hugely successful book launches, like one of the big best-seller stars.
You can see why in this interview with Ray.

And he's done it again, with his latest Tucker novel, Hacked

This one was at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Farmingham, MA.
And the crowd was a full house.

Friends, fans, and family came to hear Ray speak and buy the just-released book, and get it signed.

Here's Jay Shepherd getting his copy before the rush.

So Ray spoke of classic hacks, including the ones from myth and legend.

And it was fun, with him answering questions afterward.

And then the line to sign commenced.

Other writers dropped by as well. Here's the ever-wonderful Hank Phillippi Ryan


And Steve Ulfelder, author of the Conway Sax mysteries

To see an interview with Lee, click here

Lots of conviviality and conversation

And Ray knows how to get people to come- he invited us to John Harvard's Brewery, just a short walk away. So we went for refreshments and more talk!

Ray's family believes in height diversity, as you can see...

Here's author Tilia Klebenov-Jacobs with her serious-looking spouse

To  see an interview with Tilia, click here

It was a fun crowd, and a great end to the evening.

To see a previous book launch by Ray, click here

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