Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tess Gerritsen Rocks the NEMBF

Last night, we had superstar best-selling author Tess Gerritsen as the first big signing at the new location of the New England Mobile Bookfair (to see the announcement of this, click here).
Love the new bookstore setup, which has the ability to transform into a spacious auditorium!

Tess is s a big supporter of the store and owner Tom Lyons. She came down from Maine to greet fans new and old.

To introduce Tess, we had another superstar best-selling author, Hank Phillippi Ryan.

And then the talk with emcee Lorraine Seymourian, The Mysterious Lady, who filmed the whole thing for television.

It was an excellent and enthusiastic crowd, who enjoyed the talk and the great stories Tess told of her writing and life.

And here's Bill Wood, who in addition to getting a signed copy of Tess' latest book, found another good book, the new-on-the-NEMBF-shelves latest Zack Taylor novel, A Sharp Medicine, by yours truly.
Amy can't believe his luck at scoring such a good book.

After the talk, it was time for Tess to sign copies of her new book for fans, as the store staff set up refreshments. Amy gets her copy.



Being nice to fans is what Tess does, but it's hard work (as I can attest), so one needs a bit of pick-me-up at times...

A terrific night. Made sure to get my thanks in for her appearance.

And for someone who does so much media, Lorraine sure is shy...

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  1. LOVE this. And it was a fabulous evening. Huge crowd--but why does no one ever sit in the front row?

    And thank you for these wonderful photos!