Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lee McIntyre Launches Post-Truth

Author and Philosopher Lee McIntyre launched his latest book, Post-Truth at the Newtonville bookstore.
It's a non-fiction, non-partisan examination of how and why our current society is shredding the concept of facts, science, and objective knowledge.
Yes, it is required reading for every thinking person.
Yes, it will help you to maintain composure when someone starts talking about "alternative facts."
To see an interview with Lee, click here

The bookstore is a jam-packed space with thousands of good reads.

Make sure to pay them a visit and pick up a copy of Lee's latest, like this gent, who got the first copy of the night.

So there was a great crowd

And Lee, waiting (lurking) for the introduction 

 Which was well done

And he is a polished speaker and presenter

The crowd was well-engaged, asking good questions and coming to a better understanding of why we're in this state of being.

And celebrities came out! 
Here's Lee with the wonderful Hank Phillippi Ryan with hubby Jonanthan, 
as she purchases multiple copies

And another local author, Len Rosen

And then they all get in on the act
Front, L to R: Elisabeth Elo, and Editor Exraordinaire Karen Salemi, 
with Joanna Schaffhausen in red.
Back: Len, Jay Shepherd, me, Ray Daniel, Hank 
To see an interview with Joanna, click here
To see an interview with Ray, click here

And Lee signed a lot of copies for eager buyers

And then had more to sign for the store to sell

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