Sunday, June 3, 2018

Maine Crime Wave 2018

Portland, Maine was the site of the Maine Crime Wave, a great conference hosted by the
Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, and sponsored in part by
the Mystery Writers of America- New England chapter
We had panels on various topics, craft sessions, a reading session, 
and a keynote address by famed Defense Attorney F. Lee Bailey.

Quite an enjoyable day, even as we learned a lot.
There was also a chance to buy books written by the noted Maine mystery/crime/thriller authors in attendance, and get them signed.
Sales were handled by Barbara Kelly of Kelly's Books To Go

Author Richard J. Cass mans the MWA information booth.


 Gerry Boyle (standing) led a panel on various methods of publishing:

Gayle Lynds (standing) led her panel on Conflict:
L to R is Joseph Souza, Barbara Ross, Gerry Boyle again, and Kate Flora

 Chris Holm (standing) of course was in charge of the panel on Sex, Booze, and Violence:
L to R is Dick Cass again, Elizabeth Hand, Shannon Kirk, and Daniel Palmer

And our last panel, led by Bruce Coffin (standing), was what book reviewers look for:
L to R is William Bushnell (who reviews thousands of books), Katrina Niidas Holm, and Frank O. Smith

Lots of writers spent part of Friday and all day Saturday having a good time talking about the biz.
Here's Joseph Souza getting snapped with F. Lee Bailey

And Maureen Milliken with sister Rebecca

Vaughn Hardacker with reviewer William Bushnell, who loved Vaughn's book Wendigo.

Barb Ross and Brenda Buchanan pose for a shot

And Brenda again, with Kate Flora this time

Dan lunches with Chris and Katrina

Then we get the group pics

So if you've got any interest in the writing business, Maine, or the many talented authors working there, make plans next year to attend!


  1. Thank you for a fab write-up, Dale. U r gr8 writer & poker player! :)

  2. This was an excellent weekend. Thanks so much.