Sunday, July 15, 2018

Horror Writers at Maine Moxie Festival

This weekend was another first, as I attended the Maine Moxie Festival, a grand traditional event back up in my old stomping grounds. And I got a ringside seat for the parade, as a few of us writers (who are known to write horror, among other things) set up a table to sell our books.
Left is Scott Goudsward, and R is Peter Dudar
 To see an interview with Peter, click here.

Not seen is April Hawks, who was also with us.
And writer Nickolas Furr dropped by to chat-- and buy books (Thanks, Nick!)

So the parade got underway

Guess these guys love a little crime and mystery fiction

You know you're in Maine when the moose are in the parade...

Must be the new national Space Force

Where the horses take it easy...

 And there were even goats-- maybe in honor of Peter's latest book, The Goat Parade?

It was a great day of meeting people, selling books, and watching a genuine American town come together for something good.

And speaking of nice people, here's my new fan Danielle, from the hotel, who just had to get a copy of Halls of Horror.

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