Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bouchercon 18

This year’s Bouchercon was awesome, as usual. It had a high bar for doing so, because I’d just been to Killer Nashville, for an amazing experience. But Bouchercon came through and did not disappoint. There were lots of fellow members of the Mystery Writers of America and the Sisters in Crime.
St. Petersburg was pretty, but sweltering. The conference hotel was lovely, with spacious halls and lots of glass pieces by Dale Chihuly.

I got to meet  few celebrities- here's our "Dolly Parton"

And a trio of superheroes!

I did get to the Dali Museum to see the work showcased. If you’re down there, make that a must-do.
The best part of the conference itself was talking with Andrew MacDonald, the grandson of John D. MacDonald, who was the “Ghost” of Honor at the conference, with a panel (led by John D. scholar Cal Branche) that discussed his work and influence.

And after explaining that my Zack Taylor series is direct homage to John D.’s Travis McGee, Andrew accepted a signed copy of the first Zack Taylor mystery, AMemory of Grief. So honored to have a connection to the master, who was a major influence in me becoming a mystery writer. 
With Cal and Andrew

There were many other panels as well, like the one on Action, so well moderated by Neliza Drew.

And this one, with the usual suspects: Rick Ollerman and Dana King with John Shepphird

I’m linking to many writers here, and you’re definitely going to want to check out their work. Some I've even interviewed on the blog, so check them out.
Here’s Linda Sands, who I met at Killer Nashville.

Here’s Linda with her basket donation for the charity auction.

And with Angela Durden

Some fellow Maineiacs:
To see an interview with Barb, click here

To see an interview with Bruce, click here 

Dick Cass
 To see an interview with Dick, click here 

To see an interview with James, click here

Dinner Group (Brenda Buchanan on the R)

Chris and Katrina Holm with Erica Ruth Neubauer

And some other folks. Leigh Perry
To see an interview with Leigh, click here

James, Linda, and I with Joanna Schaffhausen (R)
To see an interview with Joanna, click here

Daniel Dark (another Killer Nashville contact) with Steve Cooper and MattLeyshon

And there were podcasts happening during the event, like the popular one Authors on the Air by Pam Stack. Here’s Pam with her helper Joan (R) with Guy and Deb (Center).

So Pam scored an interview with Michael Connolly, who went on right before me on the podcast-
so my story is that he was my opening act!

Not to say people enjoy getting their picture taken with Linda, but here’s Rick Ollerman doing so.

Not as good-looking, but still terrific guys, Robert Downs and Warren Moore, who I’ve met at Bouchercons past.

And speaking of nice, here’s Mindy Meija, of the Twin CitiesSisters in Crime, vamping it up

Paula Munier, who has her first book just out!

Are we going to call this fellow nice? Sure, let’s go with that. Josh Stallings.

Jordan Harper, whose book She Rides Shotgun is amazing. More so that it’s his debut novel.

Terence McCauley, here with Pam and Heather Graham

And those I didn't get a chance to shoot with my camera like our Canadian attendee Ryan Aldred

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