Friday, June 14, 2019

Making a Mystery in Somerville

A few authors and an interested and interactive crowd came together to make a mystery. This was hosted in a joint effort by the Somerville Library and the folks of the Somerville Media Center, in the Assembly Square area. It's a cool space for many community events.

We had a panel of Sisters in Crime mystery authors who took suggestions from the audience as to locale, characters, motives, and weapons, and we started putting together a mystery incorporating those elements.
L to R: Marita (from the library, who coordinated the event), Clea Simon at the flip chart, Elizabeth Elo, and Frances McNamara.

Thanks to all who came out in the misty night to hear us talk about the process of writing a good mystery. Lots of fun showing the process and explaining how we make decisions.

And they really got into the spirit, contributing some interesting characters, locales, and situations.
One of the character names put forth is one I'm stealing for a story! 
Gotta say, with the pros on the panel, we created a rather good mystery outline.

And of course they were promoting our books. (Nice lineup on top!)
Thanks to all for a fun night! Video link soon! 

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