Friday, July 19, 2019

Writers at Moxie Festival 2019

We had a terrific day at the annual Moxie Festival, held in Lisbon, Maine.
(To see a report of last year's festival, click here.)

Selling books there was a contingent of the New England Horror Writers, where I was joined by Peter Dudar (our gracious host), Tom and Sheila Deady, Scott Goudsward, April Hawks, and Sylvia Morgan.
To see an interview with Peter, click here
 L to R below: Peter, Sheila, Tom, Scott

The fun thing about this event is that apart from meeting new fans and selling books, we also have a ringside seat for the big parade, a real slice of Americana, of small-town pride and life. It's a blast, and worth getting up there to participate in all things Moxie. Here's a sample of the floats and sights.

Okay, nothing says Maine like a giant L.L. Bean boot!

Along with the Moxiemobile

And it wouldn't be Maine without a moose!

The obligatory fife and drum band

And the other kind

There was art as well

Lots of tiny vehicles- having them in the parade is a fundraising thing. Always wondered.

Self-powered vehicles

And clowns! Gotta have clowns.

Betcha don't see an orange Darth Vader most places... 

It was so hot, even the horses were tired...

Geckos, Tigers, and whatever...


 And trucks!

While selling books there, we get to meet all new people. Here's the self-proclaimed Bug Girl, interested in the bug horror anthology, which Scott presents. April on R.

Here's Scott with his own books

So much to do in Maine. The state is getting some great new fun places, like the Side by Each Brewery, in the same building as Pinky D's, the home of great poutine (which we discovered at the Moxie Fest)

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