Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sherman's Book Signing

Had a great Saturday in Portland, Maine, first going to my book signing at Sherman's Bookstore on Exchange Street, down in the Old Port section.

They were ready for me, with a fun sign. Didn't know I was beguiling!

Got all set up and ready to make new fans.

It's a great bookstore, with so much to choose from.

And a friendly staff

Sold some books, said hi to my friends Rhonda and Clay, who dropped by for support, and enjoyed greeting people who came to browse.

Then it was across town to Letterpress Books, to drop off more copies, since they're selling well there. Sold another on the spot!

And a lovely lunch on the water at DeMillo's. Superb dining with terrific views! Make it a stop when you're up that way.

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