Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mystery Writers at Natick Farmer's Market

We had a special invite from the Natick Farmer's Market to our local chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, to come set up tables and sell books. So a few of us gathered and enjoyed a fine day of meeting people to sell locally-grown organic fiction.

Thanks go out to the market folk who made us welcome, and to Tilia, who put this opportunity together for us.
My thanks to Scott Hambley, for help in unpacking and setting up, and to Steve Rogers, who helped take down and repack (and is a great Booth Bunny). Our group is so supportive!

Lots of support for great stuff made locally. There was music, food, all manner of items for sale.

Here's Tilia Klebenov-Jacobs
To see an interview with Tilia, click here

Connie Johnson Hambley
To see an interview with Connie, click here 

Since Connie was going for the "Best Booth" setup, had to try and match her display...

Hans and Judy Copek

Jason Walcutt and Joan Sawyer
To see an interview with debut author Jason, click here 

 Sarah Smith with Connie

Any market eager to expand their offerings and get more people attending are welcome to request a special appearance by area writers. We're happy to take part and bring in more customers!

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