Sunday, October 25, 2020

Spooky Tales for Halloween

 Hello all you boys and ghouls!

We are approaching Halloween, and so you need something spooky to read- or to listen to.

I know, current events are scary enough, but these tales will get your mind off real horrors for a time.

Gotta tell you, putting out all the lights and sitting in the dark, listening to a scary tale is really a terrific experience. Give the audiobooks a try.

And so here are a few things to consider- if you dare!

For a longer work, try Shadow of the Wendigo- but not just before bed. Two readers have told me they had nightmares after absorbing this. So you've been warned. 

(May also cause woods excursion avoidance...)

Oh- and even better- FREE with an Audible trial- more great listening!

For 10 tales of pure scary, try Halls of Horror

Also FREE with an Audible trial. 

Dedicated the book to Stephen King, who I had as a writing instructor in college at UMO! 

Just for fun, here's an article I wrote about that.

For 5 more tales of terror, go for the latest- The Return of Fear

And yes, this one is also FREE with an Audible trial. 

How's that for a bargain bag of scares? 

Happy Haunting! 

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