Sunday, September 11, 2022

Auburn, NH Day and Duck Race Booksigning Event

We had a great day yesterday at the Auburn, NH Day and Duck Race event, where we had an Author's Alley of writers selling their work while the town had a major celebration.

Sponsored by Dan Szczesny, director of the Auburn Library, we set up our booths in their parking lot. 

To see an interview with Dan, click here.

Here's my booth

Saw some writer friends from previous shows.

Here's Steve Hobbs

Tony Tremblay

Kate Anslinger, who was in disguise, and so not pictured, dropped by.

Met her down at Killer Nashville.

Writeup of that here

And some new folks, like Killarney Traynor

Brian Campbell

Not pictured is Matt Landry, who's also a speaker and coach and mountaineer

There were more than authors around us, like M. Allyson Szabo, a historical re-enactor who set up a field kitchen, cooked a pie and stew over a fire, and gave samples to dozens of people. The food was so good, many bought her cookbook! 

And Rachael Bohac, a local realtor

Lots of folks were out in the sunshine. Hot, but not as bad as last week.

Thanks to all who made it a great day. Nice people around that town! 

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