Thursday, April 11, 2024

Local Murders Solved

We had our monthly meeting of the Mystery Writers of America, and our special guest was journalist/author Susan Clare Zalkind

She is shown here second from left in the front. 

Next on her left is Mo Walsh, with Dave Zeltserman on the end. Back row L to R is Tom Lyons, JM Taylor, and Lorenzo Petruzziello, who has a new book out and is touring to promote it. 

Susan's book, The Waltham Murders, is her years-long journey to solve a brutal triple murder that also had dark connections to the Boston Marathon bombing. It is a chilling account of events of the murder and the fact that law enforcement did little to solve the crimes. Using her investigative journalistic background, she was able to piece facts together to uncover the murderers. 

Sometimes learning more about real-life crime can be unsettling, but she was determined to get at the truth. She also created, wrote and produced the three-part docu-series The Murders Before The Marathon. The series was inspired by her book proposal, began streaming in the US on Hulu in September 2022, and is available on streaming platforms around the world. 

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