Saturday, July 18, 2009

Article Published

It's been a busy time. The good news is, my latest article is out on the NE Motoring website:

It's Part 1 of a series about the coolest movie cars and drivers.

My Number One pick has to be James Bond in Goldfinger driving the Aston Martin DB-5. Looks great, and was tricked out by the weapons specialists to be lethal to Bond opponents. I wanted one before I was even old enough to drive.

The movie is great. Bond is at his best: cheating a cheater at golf, showing the only true fear in a Bond film (when a laser slices a deadly path for Bond's loved ones), and fighting a martial arts tank in Fort Knox and then being chained to an atomic bomb. And looking cool and sophisticated the whole time.

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  1. Nice article and my favorite cars are the old -timey roadsters in 1930 movies - like the one in the movie Topper.