Thursday, July 16, 2009

Songs of Life

Does music matter to you?
What are the songs that define your life?
If someone was looking to understand what your journey on this earth has been, what songs would represent that?

What tunes, what melodies, what lyrics are relevant to you? What has meaning? What just makes you feel good? Does a song remind you of a lost love, a happy time, or something else entirely?

Put a list together. See what comes up. Maybe a few serious songs, a few party songs, a few silly, a few expressing what you feel…


Born to be Wild
Wild Thing
You Made Me So Very Happy
Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n Roll
I Did it My Way
Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat
Amazing Grace
Blowin' in the Wind
La Vida Loca
Singin' in the Rain
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

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