Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TV in the Modern Age

Here's a great idea for a new television show. Given the state of television these days, it's sure to be a hit! Remember, I get credit when it's developed.

It's called "Get Shot or get Shown", and each week features a different pair of contestants, two C-list celebrities, who are desperate to revive their pitiful career. They are handcuffed together, and must outrun a celebrity team of trackers, made up of Dog, the Bounty Hunter, Tyra Banks, who offers fashion tips, Anthony Bourdain, who whips up tasty trail meals (how to cook a lizard on the run), and Cesar, the Dog Whisperer, who handles the bloodhounds.

The handcuffed celebs must complete certain tasks and keep moving. If the trackers catch them, they get to shoot one, chosen by audience voting. The survivor must drag the body to the next checkpoint, whereupon they win, and are seen next season in their own show.

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