Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dave Daniel Book Launch Party

Hey again- sorry for the lack of updates. Life got in the way, and we got busy.

There were some comments on my posting of the IE Lester article, wondering if I was dissing Star Wars- fear not, that was not my intent. I'll be addressing that in a post soon to come.

Last night was the book launch party for the new Dave Daniel book collection of short stories "Coffin Dust." Great time, big crowd (amazing for a writer party). Dave did a live reading of one of the stories from the book, "The Three O'Clock." A terrific, entertaining piece, which gave echoes of the good short story work of Stephen King.

To demonstrate what a supportive guy Dave is, we were chatting with the man who published his early work (and wrote the foreword to Coffin Dust), and Dave started praising my stories to the guy. Wow- a party for an established writer, and he takes time to note my modest work. Very cool.

With a dozen story publications under my belt, I'm trying to get a few more sold to publish my own collection. Soon I'll start contacting publishers, to see who will be the lucky one!

Another local writer was part of the festivities last night, Stephen O'Connor. Hadn't heard of him before, but he had a short story collection as well. He read one of his works, and it was fun and marked him as someone to read. I picked up his collection, "Smokestack Lightning," and look forward to the other stories.

Support writers- especially the local ones! (As long as they're good, of course- I wouldn't ask you to encourage the sucky writers!)

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