Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dennis Lehane in Chelmsford

Today I went to see Dennis Lehane give a talk here in Chelmsford. He's a witty and fun guy, and had a lot to say on writing.

I love his work, he's the real deal. Loved his crime books; now he's drifting away from that, but he's hit his stride and is very popular. Deservedly so, for he works hard and really captures life in different neighborhoods in Boston (and has no desire to write about other places) .

He loves gangster films-- think I'll send him the link when "Bootleggers" appears- he'd like it.

Pick up his books and give a read. Along with Parker and George V Higgins, he's one of Boston's Best.

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  1. I really like him as well - except for Shutter Island - I guess I will have to forgive him for that but...
    The Given Day was pretty good. I am glad I was born now rather than then!