Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Happy 100th

Happy Birthday, America!
It's the Fourth of July, an anniversary we celebrate as integral to the founding of our nation. Would that we could understand and abide by the principles of freedom. If only our leaders would truly work for that, and for us, instead of against us. Make no mistake, those in power in this country (both "sides") represent their own power-hungry interests, and not ours.
But those in power have declared they are above the law, no matter what they do, as long as they say "it's for our freedom," or their current catch-phrase, the overall "terrorism," defined however they choose to define it (this "logic," by the way, is straight out of Lewis Carroll and George Orwell).

This and their actions of the last few years are in direct contrast to the setup of our nation and the Bill of Rights. The point of law in this land was that no one should be above the law, that it was applicable to every citizen--especially those in charge. Because tyrannical kings and despots could do as they liked, and humankind being fallible, it was likely to be against the best interests of those not in power.

If the Founding Fathers took a look at the current political situation in this country, they'd immediately start the Second Revolution. Because that's why they needed to start the first.

Those in power have declared they can detain and torture anyone, anywhere, with no formal charges, trial, or defense. And they do-- and the world knows it. (And then they ask-- Why do foreign countries hate us?) This is illegal, and those who commit it are criminals, who should be brought to trial themselves. That's how law works.

Those in power have declared they can assassinate anyone, including American citizens, anytime they feel justified. Well, how nice. They'll act on the same level of intelligence-gathering as when they said Iraq had nuclear weapons they were going to use on us. Murder is also illegal in this country, or was, at least.

Those in power are wasting the lives of our troops in pointless, endless, military occupations in multiple countries, that endanger the whole world. This will destroy OUR country if it continues. Our nation will be bankrupt morally and financially. Hey, Tea-Partiers, want REAL lower taxes? Stop the wars. There's a few trillion you'll save.

Those in power have stripped regulatory, watchdog agencies of all responsibility and authority, givng us the largest oil spill in history, that will cost we, the taxpayers more billions of dollars-- that will not be used for schools, medical care, human services, or repair of roads and bridges.

We have been swindled, people. A number of voters wanted change, and we got another slick con-man who lied to us about what he would do. He's done the opposite, he's just a smoother liar who appears sincere and talks tough.

For example, I don't see much "ass-kicking" against BP. Their leader was laughing on his yacht (news story) while millions of gallons of oil poured out of his wreck. He laughed because he knows BP won't have to pay up for their disaster, the taxpayers will. Just like Exxon, years ago, who got away with it, sticking us with the cleanup, the aftermath, and the bill. Hey, one of our leaders and legislators spoke publically, into recorded devices, saying that BP should not be responsible. Ah, the best leaders money can buy. Oh, and a judge declared that we should still drill, because he had boatloads of oil stock. Another criminal. Boggles the mind.

How long are we going to stand for this? As long as we have power in our homes, and enough food to eat. As long as somebody else foots the bill, all's good. We like our comfort zone. Change is tough, progress sometimes requires sacrifice, and we've gone soft. It's a shame, because I love this country and really want to be proud of it. The people are what makes it great, the leaders do not. I cannot be proud of a nation that acts like an arrogant, vicious, bully.

Well, that's my Independence Day Declaration. This is the 100th posting of this blog. Thank you to all the readers, especially the followers, who will receive a special offer in the future.

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