Saturday, July 3, 2010

Latest Oldest Publication

Well, thereby hangs a tale...

I found out tonight that my short story publication #13 is indeed somewhat unlucky-- because it's been out for 20 months, and I never knew it! (plus I didn't get paid- it was a work for free site)

Got an email back in 2008 saying it had been accepted, but the website went stale, and there was no further communication. Seemed like another editor and mag went into limbo, a frequent occurence in this biz.

So silly me sent the story out to other places. Am now glad it didn't get picked up, because of rights issues, it would have been a sticky legal wicket.

Yeah, the guys changed their url, put out another issue, and didn't notify the writer. Wicked smart, huh? I just wrote a polite email, to let him know he had possibly committed a breach of etiquette, at least. I was kind.

So, erstwhile readers, I have a latest, oldest publication, "Body English," which you can read at:

All I can say is-- it's a strange business...

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