Monday, July 18, 2011

Heee's Back! Timelines and Book Review

Hello again-- I'm now back, after being away for two weeks, on my first real vacation in many years. Still wiped out from the journey and activities. Still trying to catch up with email. Still trying to come to terms with life here, which is completely different.

As a writer, I'm always dealing with different timelines, planning and plotting projects and happenings. So I'm always half in the present and half in the future (with an occasional side trip into the past). Realized that while I was away, I spent the last two weeks living only in the present. It was a strange sensation, a not unpleasant one. No email, phone, or social Internet connections for two weeks. All unplugged.

Didn't think about work, or book sales/releases, or much of anything except seeing the sights and dining out. Needed that mental getaway as well as the physical one.

But now break's over, back on my head.

One fine piece of news in my absence, I find a review of my novel "A Memory of Grief" by NY Times best-selling mystery author Debbi Mack. How cool is that?

And another person posted a 4-star rating for the book on Smashwords:
"A fun summer read. Very enjoyable."

Hey, I should go away more often!

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