Thursday, July 28, 2011

Money From Writing- Me vs. John Locke

Who says there's no money to be made from writing? Just today I received the sum one of dollar for a poem I wrote, soon to be published. Say what you want, I got paid for writing. That's a dollar more than most people made today.

Now if I could make enough to offset the $300 brake job my car got today... Only 299 more poems to go...

At least "A Memory of Grief" is getting good reviews. And a co-worker showed me the Kindle he's taking with him on vacation-- loaded up with my novel!
His parting words-- "It better be good!"

And my publisher tells me I'll soon have copies available for signing. Yay!

Just read some of the blog of writer John Locke today. He's the first self-published author to sell a million copies on Kindle. So he's probably made more than me today. His blog was interesting, though, so I forgive him and am going to read his books.

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