Sunday, October 16, 2011

Real Advice

Mystery writer and NY Times best-seller Debbi Mack has posted a blog titled "You're an Idiot," featuring a link to an article that applies to most writers, not just the screenwriters as mentioned in the original article.

This is serious advice, because a lot of people calling themselves writers these days simply cannot handle criticism, or something less than someone gushing about their work. If you want to play on this playground, it's rough stuff, and your ego is gonna get banged up and bruised. A lot.

We get that even in our local writer's group. Some people have come in and complained that we were harsh, because we were honest. We laugh and tell them that if they think we're harsh, wait until they submit to an editor! I swear, some folks are mortally offended if everyone doesn't love their work. Jeez, folks, there are people who don't like Shakespeare!

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  1. Thank you, Dale, for the link luv! :) Great article for writers all around.