Monday, May 13, 2013

Help on Selling Books- and Recommended Book

Here's a bit of help for struggling authors.
How To Sell Loads of Books - My Approach by Russell Blake

This 27-point piece gives much good advice on just what it says. While Your Mileage May Vary, it still has something for most writers looking to sell their books online. Some of it is good, hard-nosed business advice that will cause some folks consternation (you mean we have to work? And think?). There are points of argument, but overall a great list that should be studied.

While waiting for copies of my latest Zack Taylor mystery A Shadow on the Wall to arrive, I'm currently listed on the Sisters in Crime website, with a cover of the previous Zack Taylor mystery, A Fall From Grace as part of their display. Very cool to get this up.

A friend of mine, Chris Bernard, has his new non-fiction book out: Chasing Alaska: A Portrait of the Last Frontier Then and Now. It's received a lot of critical praise already, and my copy just arrived today. Chris went to Alaska and discovered some long-forgotten roots in the guise of an ancestor who went Alaska exploring years before. So you get a feel for our largest state in the past and in the present.

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