Sunday, August 11, 2013

Help Start a New Indie Bookstore

Here's a bit of good news. A family in Portland, Maine want to open a new indie bookstore, Letterpress Books.

Since they spend all their money on books, they're asking for help with startup costs, and are running a campaign to raise the initial startup funds.

So they've got an Indiegogo campaign.

Easy way to for you to toss in a couple of bucks for a great cause. Put my help in last night, as soon as I heard.

By chipping in even a little (equal to two Starbucks drinks), you can help launch a new bookstore in a very cool place. One way today you can make the world better.

And the word is getting out- my Twitter notice on this was picked up and featured on the site: Writing and Publishing Daily Update- THE NEW WORLD OF BOOKS & READING
which looks like a great place for information. Check it out!

And speaking of getting the word out, the cover for book #3 of the Zack Taylor mystery series, A Shadow on the Wall is now featured as one of the week's covers on the Sisters in Crime website.

Not too shabby to be featured on the home page of a national organization for pro writers.

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