Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Major League Time

Awesome news to report today-- been sworn to secrecy until now, per request.
Not easy when you're jumping for joy.

Coming up next month is Bouchercon-- the world’s leading convention for crime fiction readers and writers. The top pros in the industry go there-- all your favorite writers in the genre.
The big names, the ones spoken with hushed reverence. New York Times Best-Seller listers.
You know, those folk on Olympus...

Not only will I be hanging out with them-- I'll be on one of the Author Panels! 

It's like being a Double-A ball player being called up to the Majors. Show us what you got, kid.
And though I want to knock that sucker out of the park, I'll settle for a respectable double.

My panel moderator is Toni Kelner, for which I'm grateful-- I've met her at the Crime Bake conventions, and she's smart, funny, and has written a couple of popular mystery series, award-winning stories, and edited some terrific collections.

Joining us will be Amin Ahmad, Daniel Friedman, Michael Kardos, and Julie Pomeroy.
You can bet I'll be checking out their work.

We'll be talking about pacing in crime fiction, and the panel is scheduled for Friday at 12:30-1:25PM.

Wish me luck!

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