Monday, October 21, 2013

Author Appearances Times Three

Been a busy last few days, with three different author appearances.

First was the Groton Mystery Book Group, who had the pleasure of a visit from Archer Mayor, Vermont writer of the Joe Gunther mysteries. He's an entertaining speaker, with a lot of good stories from his checkered past. Thanks to the Groton Library for hosting and making ths happen.

Book clubs like this are a great resource.

Then came the Boston Book Festival, and we were at the Sisters in Crime booth, meeting the public. Thanks to Sheila Connolly for helping get us scheduled and ready.

Jessie Crockett and Elissa Grodin-- and me, shooting instead of signing

Then came the New England Library Association convention in Portland, Maine, with another Sisters in Crime appearance. Thanks to Barbara Ross for taking the chores of scheduling and setup on this one.

Authors Coralie Jensen, Sheppard Ferguson, and Leigh Perry. Barbara Ross standing.



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