Sunday, March 16, 2014

Appearance, St.Pat's Day, and More

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Yeah, okay, so I'm a few hours early, but tomorrow's a work day.
Don't you hate it when making a living interferes with your celebrations?

If you're hooked into the MA library system with Biblio, I'm now featured in the MA ebook project. 7 story collections and my novel Shadow of the Wendigo are up as ebooks to borrow in over 50 state libraries. Boo-yah!

Two author appearances with one picture ad!
Next Sunday, 3/23, I'll be checking out the talk by author David Daniel- "Writing with a Painterly Eye" - at the Chelmsford library at 2.

And on Wednesday, 3/26, I'll be at the North Chelmsford (McKay) library, on a panel with fellow Sisters in Crime Edith Maxwell and Tempa Pagel.
We'll talk about "How to Create Characters” at 6:45.

Come on down and say goodbye to winter blues!

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