Sunday, March 23, 2014

David Daniel Talk

This afternoon the Chelmsford Library hosted a talk by writer David Daniel, author of the excellent Alex Rasmussen series, and other books.
We had a full crowd of interested folk.

Here's author Vlad V. photobombing, with his lovely wife Jordanna behind him, rocking their newborn. That's not gang sign he's flashing, those are his initials...

David spoke on "Writing with a painterly eye," and the talk was, well, eye-opening. We heard superb samples of writing with the senses being brought sharply into play, and David pointed out what they were doing and how they were doing it.

David even had audience participation, with other present writers reading some of the selections. Here's Stephen O'Connor doing his part.
After the talk, David signed books and chatted with folks.

This type of gathering naturally attracts other writers. Here are The Usual Suspects:
Vlad V., Jordanna, Steven Wong, Ursula Wong, and Stephen O'Connor.
Vlad, Ursula, and Stephen will all have novels published in the very near future!  

Thanks to the Chelmsford Library for making this happen. They host a lot of great events, like my upcoming Sisters in Crime panel talk on "How to Create Characters." I'll be appearing with Edith Maxell and Tempa Pagel.

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