Friday, May 16, 2014

Three Stories Out

To show what a hard-working writer I am, I've got 3 stories out in current publications--
and another tale in an upcoming issue of Beware the Dark.

The first one is my story KillerElla, featured in the inaugural issue of Trysts of Fate magazine.
Since it's the very first issue of this magazine, you may want to pick one up as a collector's item.
Just sayin'...

The second is Knife Edge, a story featuring Mt. Katahdin in Maine, out now in Over My Dead Body.
This is my third story in their publication- a great place for mystery and crime tales.

And my third one, Dead Man's Hand, is in Voluted Tales, an Australian publication.
That makes the third continent where I've been published!

Check them out- hope you like them!

I'll be at the Foxboro, MA Common this Sunday at their craft fair, signing books with the folks of Books and Boos, along with Vlad V. We got rain-dated out of Saturday, so hope it's better then!

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