Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vlad V at Chelmsford Local Author's Day

The Chelmsford Library hosted a Local Author's Day, and I dropped by to see the new talent, and find out about their books.

Terrific author Vlad V was there, with family, friends, and new fans to support him.

Kathy Cryan-Hicks from the library introduced him.

And he read from the first two chapters of The Button, a science fiction thriller.

Excellent crowd for a sunny Saturday.

And the celebration, with signing after, and the mugging.
That's author Ursula Wong on the left, whose debut novel Purple Trees just came out.
And I met fellow Sister-in-Crime  Connie Hambley, who's published an exciting thriller, The Charity.
I picked up a copy, so will let you know how it is. Looking forward to a great read!

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