Wednesday, July 9, 2014

EBay Scam?

Color me puzzled, but is EBay running a scam, wittingly or un?
I found out today that books of mine are selling there- some for MORE than the retail price, some for less. selling for more is kinda dumb to begin with (they're not collector's items yet, and easily available in numerous retail chains), but there is a claim on the page which says the item (book) is selling at a higher price somewhere.

Well, not legitimately, they're not. I keep my prices low for my readers, and someone is claiming almost double in some cases.

To me, making a selling claim that isn't true sounds like FRAUD.

Just report it, you say. Well, I'd love to, if the assbags at EBay had a way to do that. But they want you to open an account- just to send them a message. No thanks. So I used someone else's account to TRY and contact them, but their non-functional site would not accept any account name and password.

End result- too much of my time wasted already. I feel like sending them a bill for what they've cost me. And am I losing money because of some underhanded retail goings-on?
So we have a potential scam going on, and no easy remedy.

Does anyone know about the workings of the site? Is it normal to claim a fraudulent retail price? Is it normal to sell new books at various prices? WTF is going on?

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