Saturday, August 16, 2014

Haverhill Library Author Fair

Had a great day at the Haverhill, MA Library Author Fair today. Saw old friends, and some new ones, raised some books and money for the library, and had fun with a few nice people.
Thanks to Sarah Moser from the library for making this happen. And for the goodies!

And thanks to Chris Obert of Pear Tree Publishing, who came to support us. Chris has set up a series of author events in Haverhill, at the Buttonwoods Museum.
I'll be appearing there Friday, Sept. 5th, and Friday, Oct. 3rd.

And in the big room

Displaying the wares

Ursula's debut novel, Purple Trees

Rich Feitelberg braved traffic to attend

The gang, including Barbara Kent Lawrence, Myfanwy Collins, Rory O'Brien, Dale T. Phillips, Holly Robinson, Ursula Wong,Connie Johnson Hambley, and Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

And the lovely poster done by the library for promotion!
This is the signed one-

And this is the official one

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