Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fiction Slam Night Contest

Recently attended the Fiction Slam Night Contest, sponsored by the New Hampshire Writers' Project.
The contest was held in the French Building Auditorium Rotunda at the NH Institute of Art in Manchester, with a lovely reception area to refresh the 80-some-odd people who came to hear the 8 winning entrants from the regional 3-Minute Fiction Slam competitions.

Now I've got rather high expectations, and this was a night of extraordinary talent. The stories were top-notch- quick, concise, and sometimes touching. It was a tough task for the three judges to select winners from the terrific stories read.

Thanks to the Institute for hosting this wonderful event, and to all those in the program who made it all possible. There are a lot of people working hard to create excellent fiction, and all in our backyard.
And shoutout to John Herman for being an entertaining emcee for the event. 

Judges: Tim Horvath, James Patrick Kelly (who also generously supplied cash prizes), and special guest Jacquelyn Benson

The contestants- each one already a regional winner

The appreciative crowd

Nashua regional winner Jennifer Valentine and supportive family

Steven Wong, Nashua group coordinator Ursula Wong (middle- the rose between two thorns)- the author of Purple Trees, and Dave, from the Nashua group

I'd say there were a lot of winners, but you can see the ones holding prize checks!

Kent Devreux and Rob Greene

If you'd like an example of one of the superb stories of the night, try Getaway.

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