Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sisters in Crime Panel

We had a speaking panel on Noir crime along with Marian Lanouette (see an interview here), at a Sisters in Crime event and signing at the Edwards Public Library, Southampton, MA.
They happen to be featuring The Maltese Falcon, one of my favorite books (yeah, and movies, because they shot the dialogue from the book).

Try the funky link here to see the flyer.

It was a lovely night with an attentive audience, talking about noir, mystery and writing, the current state of publishing, and other fun stuff. Marian has great stories to tell, and we had a blast.
Sorry, I didn't get to capture all the crowd in pictures, but we had a respectable attendance.

Many thanks to Barbara Diamond Goldin (a noted children's book author in addition to her library duties) for setting this up, and the the library and its supporters for an excellent night.

 Marian in position

  My tapestry featuring the cover to A Shadow on the Wall

 Marian mixes with the audience

That's Barbara (the library Director) in the middle, who made us feel so welcome.

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