Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hank Phillippi Ryan and Hallie Ephron at the Chelmsford Library

The Chelmsford Library held an event featuring two superstars of the mystery writing world, Hank Phillippi Ryan and Hallie Ephron.

Becky Herrmann, from the library staff, was there to make sure that things ran smoothly

A huge crowd turned out for the show, to hear the talk on where these top writers get their ideas.

They were spellbinding, as usual, giving the audience a glimpse into the process that goes into making a good mystery novel.

Both authors are member of the Sisters in Crime (I'm a member as well), a group that helps promote women mystery writers.

After the talk, people came to get copies of their books...

And get them signed. Here's Dina getting an autographed copy.

And one from Hallie

Photo op with the ever-gracious Hank


  1. Well wow! Love this so much… Your pictures are always brilliant, and I am so grateful for this wonderful memory! Thank you, dear Dale, you are a fabulous photographer and reporter!.

  2. Double wow! Thanks so much, Dale!!