Monday, May 9, 2016

Another Portland Tour- Letterpress Books

Went back up to Portland to dine on Pat's Pizza, visit more bookstores, and get copies on their shelves.

And had a pleasant surprise to find an old friend as one of the team of owners of Letterpress Books.

Funny, because I'd donated to their IndieGogo campaign some time back to get startup costs for the store, but missed the names involved. And this was my first visit since they opened.
Great little store, with a nice selection of books, and a healthy inclusion of Maine authors.

They were nice enough to accept books of mine on consignment. Here's Kath stocking Zack Taylor mysteries.

And here they are, eagerly awaiting readers. Not far from Maine writer Chris Holm's The Killing Kind, the novel that is tearing up the book world with awards and honors and rave reviews.

Hope they catch the eye of shoppers

But that's not all- the store also now carries Halls of Horror, the book of short stories I dedicated to Stephen King (who was my writing instructor in college!). So guess where it ended up? Right next to King's books on the shelf. Appropriate, because my cover is a direct hommage to the master.

And the store is doing great, already winning awards, as you can see. 

So when you go up Portland way, stop in and browse for a great read. I plan to go up and sign books some Saturday afternoon this Summer.

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