Tuesday, June 7, 2016

At the Ray Daniel Book Launch

Great night at the Brookline Booksmith store for the launch of the third Ray Daniel novel about Boston-hacker Tucker, Child Not Found.
Ray gave a short talk about the genesis of the novel, answered some questions, and got down to signing books.

To see an interview with Ray, click here.

Here's Ray getting ready. For a tech guy, he should know better than to wear a Red Shirt (all you Star Trek fans will understand!)

Saw a lot of people I know from the writing community. Jason Walcutt is up front, looking hard to impress. Behind him are Judy and Hans Copek, and to the far right of the picture is Mo Walsh. Far left you can just see Tom Lyons of the New England Mobile Bookfair, where Ray has held a previous launch. Ray's wife Karen is the middle of the front row. Not seen, on the left-hand side of the audience (the heckling section) is author Steve Ulfeder.

And what would a Boston-area book launch be without the talented Hank Phillippi Ryan?

Ray's brother Bob and niece Olivia came to support him.

Jay Shepherd and Lee McIntyre get their books signed

Hank with thriller writer Joe Finder

 Leslie Wheeler, in the middle, looks happy to get a copy

Steve and his wife Marsha join in

And this is Victor Shakespeare, a professional voiceover talent- wonder if he's any relation?

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  1. Love this! You always capture the spirit of the event! (Red shirt--so funny!) xxxx