Tuesday, June 21, 2016

News and Number 600

Happy Summer- or Solstice, or however you term the season.
Lots of things happening- and just wanted to note that this is the 600th blog post! That's quite a record, as many start a blog, but fall off along the way. We're still going strong, and in fact will move the platform to a Wordpress site soon enough, to keep up with the times.

First bit of news- later this week we'll interview author Cheryl Hollon.

The excellent crime magazine Thuglit will soon be closing it's doors after a terrific eleven-year run of the best stories around.
I'm honored to report that my tale "Forever Amber" was accepted as the last story ever- for the upcoming final issue:

I'll be taking part at the Boothbay (Maine) Festival of Books on Saturday, July 9, along with the Sisters in Crime.

WEMF radio will interview me on July 14th. Tune in for a good time!

Then I'll be signing books with the NEHW at the Seacoast ComiCon in Kittery, ME on July 23rd.

So yeah- busy Summer ahead, and it's just started! See you soon!

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