Friday, March 10, 2017

Panel Appearance and Free Book Offer

Hello again- it's been a busy time.

First off, here's a set of nine free books- being offered for a limited time-
includes my first Zack Taylor mystery, A Memory of Grief.
Go here.

Recently, while working to finish the fifth Zack Taylor novel, A Sharp Medicine, I took a night out to go to Concord, NH. to the living room of the library at the New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord Community College.

The Wings of Knowledge program hosted us for a panel, with a couple of my fellow Sisters in Crime.
From their events calendar:

"Noted mystery authors Joy Seymour, Dale T. Phillips and Lea Walt present the “nuts and bolts” of successful mystery writing."

Thanks to the library and the college, and those who worked with us for a good night of discussion.

We had a great time, with a lively crowd of interested folk asking good questions about the writing and publishing process.

After the panel presentation, we had a chance to chat with folks to came up to talk more and buy books.

We were filmed for this- when the link is available, I'll put it up!

Here we are with our emcee
Front left is Joy, right is Lea

 Here's Steve, who set this event up for us, chatting with Lea

 Like church, everyone wants to sit in the back...

 Joy and Lea with their offerings

 And my table

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