Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sisters in Crime Birthday Party

Thirty years ago, a great organization formed to help women writers of mystery achieve parity in contracts, reviews, support, and recognition, both within the industry and for society at large.
The Sisters in Crime has done tremendous work in promoting mysteries and women mystery writers.
And yes, they do allow my gender to become members as well.
After 30 years of hard work, it's time to celebrate- and so there are numerous events all over the country to mark this historic group.
The New England chapter held an informative workshop led by Nancy Martin, followed by lunch, and then some memories and recognition of some of the people who gave their time and energy to make good things happen over the years.
For writers who pen stories about horrible crimes, we had a jocular time with fun folks.
Thanks to all who made this event happen, as well as the many others held at all levels.

This stellar lineup consists of past officers at the national and regional level, who received tiaras to show how special they are.
L to R- Sheila Connolly, Edith Maxwell, Julie Hennrikus, Sharon Daynard, Linda Barnes, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Ruth McCarty, Hallie Ephron

And each had to give a short speech about her experience with Sisters in Crime.

To show their creativity, even the desserts have a message...

Here's Lisa Jackson and Edith guarding the goodies before the time of devouring
To see an interview with Edith, click here.

Other notable authors Connie Johnson Hambley, Leslie Wheeler, and Lisa Lieberman
To see an interview with Connie, click here

 Here's Nancy Martin (R) leading an exercise at the workshop

And the crowd

Sharon gets thanked by new President Edith for her service

An artifact of an early promotional tool

And a modern promotional tool, a board showing book cover images from the members. 
Thanks to Hans Copek, who puts this together every year.
If you look closely at the board on the left, you'll see my cover on the right, middle, for the upcoming Zack Taylor series novel, A Sharp Medicine, due out this May.


  1. Great write-up and pics. Thanks, Dale.

  2. Love this! Thank you! You are amazing. oxxo (did you get a shot of me, Hallie, Linda and Nancy?)

  3. Thanks for doing this, Dale. What a great time!

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