Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wicked Cozy Authors at Nashua Barnes and Noble

So we had a great book event at the Nashua Barnes and Noble- one of the rare gatherings of the Wicked Cozy Authors. Six great writers (and wonderful people) came to answer questions and chat with fans old and new. They write fun, classic-style, traditional mysteries: the ones without all the graphic blood, sex, and gore on the page. They've been nominated for a slew of writing awards, and combined, have written over 40 novels in just the past 4-5 years!
They're also fellow members of Sisters in Crime, a great organization for mystery writers, and some, if not all, are also in the Mystery Writers of America.

R to L: Edith Maxwell, Barbara Ross, Julie Hennrikus, Sherry Harris (who flew in to be with the group!), Jessie Crockett, and Liz Mugavero. (Note: some of them have pen names, so many I can't list them all here!)

To see an interview with Edith, click here.
To see an interview with Barbara, click here.
You know you've made it when they have a printed sign with pictures!

Here they get introduced, with a note about their titles, awards, and alternate names.

Some of the fans- it was an enthusiastic crowd

People asked the authors how they create their works, how they get inspired, whether they plot everything out or just start writing, and much more. When curiosity had been satisfied, it twas time to get up and chat with the authors one on one.

The bookstore staff were professional and nice- they even brought out tea and scones, as cozy mysteries should have cozy treats!

Some friends of the authors showed up

And here's two other authors, Lisa Haselton (L) and Peggy McFarland. Lisa was waving, but looks like she's warding off the photographer!

And then the signings began, as readers picked up a lot of good new books. 

Great night with a talented bunch. We hope they'll make more area appearances.
You can find them all on Facebook and Twitter as well as the website links with their names here.


  1. Thanks for showing up and bringing mystery fans, and for the report, Dale! Great photos, as always.

  2. Debra Faust-ClancyApril 21, 2017 at 6:42 AM

    Terrific write-up Dale! Made me wish I could have attended, the Wicked Cosy's are MY kind of people. Loved all the pics and now I NEED tea and scones.... Thanks. Debra Faust-Clancy