Sunday, September 10, 2017

Grand Opening of the New England Mobile Bookfair

Saturday was the Grand Opening of the New England Mobile Bookfair, and what a party it was!
(Previous post on the rise of the store here)
Their new location looks like a winner!

And yes, like the sign said, the party went on all day long---

Along with the media (I was interviewed twice!), there were dignitaries, famous authors, cake & ice cream, lots of music, mystery book packages (3 books for a dollar), chefs with food samples, and lots of buyers!
First, there was the Official Ribbon-Cutting to open the store, with speeches of welcome from local business people, and local mayoral candidates. The store will do a lot to help commerce in this area, so merchants and boosters alike were happy to support the cause.

Tom Lyons, the owner, gives a short speech 

Amy Sangiolo, a candidate for mayor

Ruthanne Fuller, another candidate who came to help

 They line up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and Tom gets out the BIG scissors!

And it's open for business!

So there was cake

 And ice cream

Ray Daniel was one of the featured authors. 

Here, he's getting interviewed by Jenn Adams, the News Director of newtv.

 Setti Warren, the Mayor of Newton, showed up to personally congratulate Tom on the store opening. And people came to buy from a local business, helping the community, and getting some good reads.

The staff chats before the lines started forming at the registers.

And some people bought a lot!

Ruthanne picks some winners! My first Zack Taylor mystery, A Memory of Grief, and Ray Daniel's latest, Hacked.

There were activities for younger folk

Author William Landay signed some books

And of course, the ever-wonderful Hank Phillippi Ryan showed up to add class to the event and sign books.

Here she is with more authors- debut novelist Adam Abramowitz (who was also signing) and soon-to-be debut novelist Joanna Schaffhausen.

Here's Adam with his new book Bosstown, which sounded so good, I had to get my own signed copy.

And yet more authors! NYT Best-seller Sheila Connolly came to buy!

 And Ursula Wong got interviewed by the ever-shy Lorraine Seymourian for WTTN.
(To see my interview with Ursula, click here.)

J. Michael Taylor showed up as well

Here we get the group shot of the writers we could round up

There was more music- someone said the players were barely bigger than their instruments here- but the music was good!

Tom was able to visit and chat with friends, like Ose, of the Malden Creates initiative.

So a great day, with a terrific start for the iconic independent bookstore. We wish them much success! Drop in to their new location and check them out- remember, books make great gifts, too!

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