Sunday, October 29, 2017

Boston Book Fest

Once again we proved that Boston is a book town! Thousands came out for the Boston Book Fest, to browse at booths from everyone in the city involved in books and their production.

I was at booths for both the Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.
We passed out information on each organization and answered questions as to our purpose and mission. 

Our booth at Mystery Writers of America was set up by Mo Walsh, local chapter President.

With Don Kaplan, Mo, and Judy Copek

Hans Copek creates a poster every year with the covers of books produced by our members in the last year. Notice A Sharp Medicine on the right, my fifth Zack Taylor mystery.

Dave Zeltserman drops by, on his way to giving a talk
To see an interview with Dave, click here

Our Sisters in Crime booth was staffed early on by this trio: 

With the titles done by SinC members in the last year

The new crew came in: 
To see an interview with Ursula, click here

Then came
 To see an interview with Connie, click here
 To see an interview with Arlene, click here

And we came on: Me, Sheila Connolly, Coralie Jensen
Thanks to Silke Hase for this photo and the one following! 

And were followed later on by Gus Berger, Clea Simon, and Sarah Smith

Lots of fans at our booths

 Lisa Lieberman talks to a fan

Hallie Ephron and Susan

And Ray Daniel drops by on his way to a talk.
To see an interview with Ray, click here

It was a lovely day, with sunshine and so much to see

And lots of our favorite people- authors and spouses.
Center is Sheila Connolly, who was at the booth with me. 

Many strange sights that day


  1. Great write-up, Dale, as always. And interviews, too! How did I miss out on that. Anther time, I hope . . . Thanks for posting!

  2. Hey Dale,
    Nice report on MWA and SinC. Great day, great crowds, and lots of fun talking to people stopping by the booth and to fellow authors.