Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Crime Bake 2017

Another weekend, another magical Crime Bake, like a family reunion with people you actually like and want to spend time with.
To see last year's Crime Bake writeup, 
which I call A Trip to Brigadoon, click here.

We had a new location this year, bigger space for all. 
With a pool next to the bar. Potential for a LOT of trouble...
Somebody just doesn't know what happens when you get alcohol next to a pool.

The conference is sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America and 
the New England Chapter of the Sisters in Crime.

We had Co-Chairs for the event, who worked hard to make it a smashing success
First is Sharon Daynard (right), shown here with
non-co-chairs Ray Daniel and Connie Johnson Hambley
To see an interview with Connie, click here
To see an interview with Ray, click here

And C. Michele Dorsey (left) with non-co-chairs Ray (again) and superstar Hank Phillippi Ryan

So many people work together to make the event more than fun.
Here's Tom Lyons of the New England Mobile Bookfair- they handle all the booksales for the event- and there are so many author works to check out.
To see a post on Tom and the Bookfair, click here

 Other folks were doing fun things, like Kameel Nasr holding video interviews with authors.
Here he is with Mo Walsh

People came from all over- like  Andrew Welsh-Huggins (left), here from the MidWest, 
with Michelle Clark and the ever-photobombing Ray

And Sherry Harris, here with Liz Mugavero

So there were big events in the main hall

And panels galore in the smaller rooms, on various subjects.
To  see an interview with Leigh, click here

And there was food for the hungry participants

And Ask the Experts sessions

So many people getting together to talk about life and the writing and publishing biz
Here's rising star Bruce Robert Coffin with fellow Maine writer Dick Cass
To  see an interview with Bruce, click here

Lea Wait with Barbara Ross, who gave a terrific talk on 
4 Lies They'll Tell You About Marketing Your Novel.
To see an interview with Barbara, click here

To see an interview with Edith, click here

Here's a gang of troublemakers: (L to R) Janet Halpin, Hank, Christine Bagley, Robin Stuart

And even scarier troublemakers- Joanna with Tilia Klebenov-Jacobs
To see a interview with Tilia, click here

Yet more! Kathryn Gandek-Tighe and Jessie Crockett

Leslie Wheeler gets into party mode.
I made her show off her new book, Rattlesnake Hill.

So just to prove that Ray is everywhere, here he is with Jay Shepherd

 And with Jason Walcutt

 And with Chris Holm, disapproving of a pool shot...


Dapper gents Daniel Palmer and Tom Lyons

Don Kaplan (Senor Sandbag, if you ever play poker with him) and Dick Cass

Elisabeth and Tilia

Tilia again, matching fashionably

Leigh, being very mysterious...

Michelle with Jay

So there were book signings after the panels.
L to R: Dana Cameron, Peter Abrahams, Bruce

And with Paula Munier

Daniel with Guest of Honor Lisa Gardner, who gave a wonderful inspirational talk for writers

Edith with Frankie Bailey and Clea Simon

Julie, checking it out

Linda Barnes with Elisabeth

Michelle goes fangirl for Daniel

Leigh and Michele

And Hank

Paula and Barbara


  1. Terrific write up and love all your pics. Even the ones of Ray Daniel! Fun weekend, all around.

  2. Great fun. Maybe next year, although I've already booked for Bouchercon 2020! I thought that was far enough away to get my act together 😊