Monday, November 27, 2017

New Story Publication and Upcoming Shows- Updated with pics

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We had a nice family time, and the weather was lovely for good long walks to burn off the extra food consumption.

So I've got another story out: "A Clean, Well-written Manuscript," is online at Over My Dead Body. Having a fun riff on Hemingway. That's my fifth story for them! And you can read it for free!

The Zack Taylor series has been selling well in bookstores this year, though I'm only displayed in a handful. 

The recent book signing at Letterpress Books in Portland, ME, went very well. Saw old friends, sold a bunch of books, had my first Holy Donut, and later my yummy Pat's Pizza.

And we'll have over 30 authors for the
upcoming 6th Annual Gala Mystery Night
Thursday, Dec 7th  6:00
New England Mobile Bookfair
241 Needham St, Newton, MA

To see how much fun previous ones were, check it out here.

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