Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Noir at the Bar- Maine Writers

Maine has so many good writers, and this was evident in the recent Noir at the Bar held in Biddeford.

Here's the group shot

It was held in a funky and interesting bar

A great crowd gathered to hear the amazing array of talent

So each writer came up to read a short piece. Gayle Lynds kicks off, with a great true story about how she offered to sign her own books at an airport kiosk, but the unbelieving dipstick register person said she couldn't allow the books to "be defaced" by the author's signature!

Brenda Buchanan was the Mistress of Ceremonies

Barb Ross says her piece
To see an interview with Barbara, click here

Bruce Coffin does his thing
To see an interview with Bruce, click here

Dick Cass, another tall galoot, gets up
To see an interview with Dick, click here

Yet more height, as James Hayman takes the stand
To see an interview with James, click here

The authors had their books for sale, and business was brisk

More authors! Maureen Milliken

Each author also contributed a book (as did I, upon request) for a huge basket of reading. 
Here Gayle picks the lucky winner

The audience enjoyed the afternoon

As did the authors. Thanks to all for a fun time!


  1. Thanks, Dale! It was a great time. Glad you were there to document it.

  2. What a fab report, Dale! It was wonderful to see you there. You honor us!